Choosing the right tool for a job can turn a mediocre production into something special. The Cube Pro was engineered to enhance the wireless video workflow of the most demanding camera operators in cinema, live events, and news gathering. As the latest H.264 encoder from the award-winning Cube family, Cube Pro’s substantial improvements mean that it can broadcast live HD video to any number of receivers at very low latency so your crew and clients can always keep an eye on the action wherever they are. Cube Pro also supports up to 6 simultaneous connections for real time monitoring on iOS devices and is capable of feeding that same footage directly to the Web. With such versatility in a single device, Cube Pro gives every camera operator the freedom to tailor their wireless video needs to any project.

Cube Pro adds a brand new co-processor that enables higher bit rate broadcasts, HD monitoring on iOS devices, and ultra low latency streaming. The newly designed chassis is composed of hardened aluminum and slips easily onto any professional camera rig via your choice of V- or Anton Bauer Gold-mount battery plates. Cube Pro includes an HD-SDI input and looping HD-SDI output, analog audio in/out, an SD card slot for on-board proxy recording, and a variety of connectivity options such as 2.4/5GHz MIMO WiFi, 10/100 Ethernet, and a USB port for 3G/4G/LTE cellular modems. To configure the unit, an OLED screen with joystick control allows you to change settings on the fly.

Teradek Cube and Cube Pro encoders provide a powerful, compact wireless solution for local monitoring and proxy recording. Both devices utilize high profile H.264 compression and support resolutions up to 1080p over 2.4/5Ghz WiFi, Ethernet, and 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks via a USB modem. The Teradek Cube comes in HD-SDI or HDMI varieties, whereas the camera-back Cube Pro offers an HD-SDI input in V- or AB Gold-mount versions. Each encoder has an easy to use OLED display for rapid configuration and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which enables users to swap external power sources without powering the unit down.

Watch your live video while you’re on the move. With the Teradek Cube and Cube Pro, directors, clients, and others on set are able to monitor every live shot on their iPad, iPhone, and laptop with a delay as low as 4 frames. Simply connect your device directly to a Teradek encoder over the 5.8Ghz Master Mode or to a shared access point, launch Teradek’s free TeraCentral application, and select the live feed you wish to view. Cube and Cube Pro also support remote monitoring for productions that have multiple sets. For example, a Cube on Set A can transmit over the Internet to a decoder at Set B where the director can view the feed at near real time. This is also a fantastic option for writers and producers to keep an eye on production from their office. Not only can you watch the action unfold in real time on your iOS device, Teradek encoders also offer free proxy recording capabilities on both HD-SDI and HDMI models for generating instant replays or dailies. Cube and Cube Pro encoders sense when your camera begins and ends recording and instantly creates an H.264 file with identical timecode, filename, and start/stop times on a computer connected to your local network. Alternatively, both encoders can save proxy files on their on-board uSD and SD card slots if your set lacks an extra computer hard drive.

Teradek encoders can be paired with Cube decoders for low latency, high definition point to point streaming for use with video switchers, IMAG setups, or monitors at video village. Cubelets, as these pairs are called, are multicast compatible, require very little power, and include a hardware-based deinterlacer. Teradek Cubelets send and receive video via a shared access point over WiFi, directly through Master Mode, or over the Internet using transport protocols such as RTSP and MPEG-TS. With the addition of a Zixi license, Cube and Cube Pro encoders can stream using Zixi cloud services to a Teradek H.264 decoder to achieve flawless broadcast quality video without regard for distance or network congestion. While streaming to a decoder, you can utilize Teradek’s encoders’ features simultaneously such as monitoring the feed on your iOS device and saving proxies to the on-board SD card. With a Zixi-licensed Cube or Cube Pro encoder, camera crew can stream wirelessly to an Ethernet-connected Link and then to Zixi's cloud services for highly reliable, broadcast-quality video over volatile networks.Teradek Cube Pro and Cube encoders offer everything needed to stream live high definition video directly to the Web. Both devices provide comprehensive protocol support for RTP, RTSP, RTMP, MPEG-TS, and HLS, which allows you to broadcast directly to your personal website, your Facebook page, or any content delivery network (CDN); e.g. Akamai,, or You can also choose from three capable streaming interfaces including 2.4/5Ghz MIMO WiFi, Ethernet, or a 3G/4G/LTE USB modem. This versatility ensures that you are never stuck without connectivity wherever you need to go live. Live event broadcasting just got easier. Teradek's new Stream Reader plugin for Wirecast and TriCaster allows Cube, Cube Pro, and Bond users to import live HD video directly into Telestream's or NewTek's software platform. Stream Reader is a powerful tool for live productions that use local or remote IP video feeds. This means that Teradek users can pull low latency HD video into Wirecast or TriCaster directly from their encoder or a Sputnik Server.

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