Edge is a rack-mount bonded cellular hotspot developed specifically for fixed installations like mobile studios and next generation OB vans. It is designed for 19” rack enclosures and provides easy access to 14 external antenna jacks which can be used to increase both cellular connectivity and WiFi range. Once these antennas are mounted to the outside of an ENG van, the extended wireless coverage gives your crew the freedom to securely stream high definition video feeds back to the vehicle for broadcast out of Edge’s aggregated network connection. Edge provides 6 built-in 3G/4G/LTE modems with externally accessible SIM slots, dual 10/100 Ethernet jacks, and dual band MIMO WiFi, all of which can be bonded together for maximizing bandwidth. Edge also allows other 802.11 compatible devices to access the Internet during broadcasts for quick file uploads or online communication. When speed and flexibility are paramount, Edge allows you to go live in full HD from nearly any location.

Core is Teradek’s new cloud-based encoder fleet management system. From a single elegant web GUI, you can monitor and control all of your Teradek encoders, cellular bonding systems, and decoders effortlessly. The interface allows you to direct streams from any one encoder to any number of decoders, even if both are behind firewalls or on private networks. All the encoding and transmission parameters can be controlled remotely from any location, allowing your field reporters to focus on the content and not the transmission gear. The automatic device discovery and drag and drop workflow makes entering IP addresses a thing of the past, while customizable warnings and notifications ensure that things keep operating smoothly.

Sputnik is Teradek’s server application used between Cube or Bond and your streaming destination. Sputnik recombines the outbound packets from your bonded network connections into a cohesive video feed that is transmitted to your streaming platform or H.264 decoder. It is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the Cloud (Amazon EC2) or on a local server.

Sputnik 2.0 offers a variety of new options that greatly enhance the capabilities of Teradek devices. New features include:

  • An improved adaptive bit rate algorithm that ramps up faster and improves video quality in static and rapid scene changes.
  • Sputnik’s new Intelligent Packet Distribution™ feature reduces video and audio loss, even when modems completely disconnect or reconnect.
  • Teradek users can now take advantage of Sputnik’s IFB feature. The decoder’s audio feed can be monitored in real-time at the encoder’s headphone output.

  • Sputnik’s Direct Mode allows Cube and Brik encoders to stream through a Sputnik server to a Teradek decoder without any bonding system*.
  • Since this allows tunneling a point-to-point stream from one network to another, opening firewall ports are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, Direct Mode allows any Cube-to-Cube connection to use Teradek’s AI Streaming™, which creates an autonomous intelligent streaming connection that automatically adapts to changes in network conditions. This ensures the best quality video your network can sustain.
  • Multiple clients can connect to a Sputnik server when Transport Stream server mode is enabled.
  • Sputnik’s broadcast redundancy further improves stream stability and enables lower transmission latency. The delay can be configured from under 1 second for high speed connections to over 20 seconds for slow and jittery networks.
  • The improved Dashboard GUI for Sputnik now includes a modem/connection info status pane and the option to remotely control Bond and Cube devices. It has also been reorganized for better legibility.
  • UDP broadcasting enables stream delivery through highly congested networks where TCP-based traffic might be too slow to function adequately.

  • Supports Teradek Core™ Integration
  • Closed Captioning support

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